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What would I do without you?

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What would I do without you?
You teach and guide
With every little thing, you help me to survive
to live on my own;without you?
How will I do it?
You’re strong, you know what to do,
in a situation,
when I don’t know what to do

So, what would I do without you?
With your courage and all
Don’t leave so soon!
You’ve been a kid through it all.
What would i do without you?
Who stands so tall.

This post was submitted by Jessica.

Without you

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Today is the first day without you

Today has been the longest day of my life

Today the sun refused to shine

Today time stood still

Today there’s thunderstorms all around me

Today there’s no end insight

Today there’s no melody

Today nothing has been easy

Today there’s no light to break up the dark

Today I’m wondering around lost

Today there’s a void in my heart

Today I’m empty inside

Today is the first day without you.

This post was submitted by Jamie Deason.

One more day

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People look at me
I’m not quite sure what they see
This thought is with me all the time
I sit and think of how my life used to be
When it was only me
Now I share my world with you
Body, mind, and life
But now it’s me who holds the knife
I set it down
I walk away
Maybe I’ll need it another day
But not now
For now I’ll just live with you…
You cause me pain
You bring me tears
You make me burn
You make me sear
I can’t leave
I can’t walk away
Sure I wasn’t
But it doesn’t work that way
So for now you get your way
You can kill me for one more day.

This post was submitted by Jessica.

Think of me

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I feel no more pain
I will cry no more
As I watch the blood drain
Onto the floor

My eyes slowly close
As I say goodbye
This is what i chose
Please don’t cry

You’ll be happier in the end
Trust me you’ll see
I was to broken to mend
You couldn’t have helped me

I will always be there
Though you cannot see
If you need someone to care
Just think of me.

This post was submitted by Ashley.


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I am lost, never to be found.
Wandering, without a sound.
My tears are running.
I can not hide.
My heart feels empty,
hollow inside.
I want to run.
Cry out loud.
But all there is,
Is silence all around.

This post was submitted by Amanda Beres.


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Trust is a weakness,

We all seem to share.

It makes us feel secure,

When we know no one is there.

It makes us weary,

To all the dangers around.

And it makes us feel happy,

Like our feet aren’t on the ground.

But it can also be a weapon,

With destruction soon to come.

And it gets us all to thinking.

You can’t trust anyone.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.

It’s Time For Me To Go

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I know Camron, you want to play.
But for me today, I cannot stay.
I gave you life. I watched you grow.
Now it’s time for me to go.

“Go where?” you ask. “Can I go too?”
Not now my son, there’s more for you to do.
I know you’ll cry because you’re sad.
But it helps to remember the good times we had.

Some day, we know not when,
We’ll see each other and smile again.
It’s up to God to decide
When with him we shall reside.

Cuddle this pillow when it’s me you need
And feel the love that’s like a seed.
It’s in your heart and it will grow.
Then for us, our love will flow.

This post was submitted by Merlene Gonzalez.

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