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My Regret

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I know that you have to move away,
just to let you know that i’ll miss you
I wish i could do to make you stay,

i cried in sadness, anger,
mad because you couldn’t tell me
sad because you look at me like a stranger

But my regret is that i told NO
i shouldn’t said Yes
maybe then you wouldn’t have to go…..

This post was submitted by Asalyene.

Shame on you, the human race

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No one could see the pain she was hiding

No one dared to look beneath the smiling face

Because of that they didn’t see she was crying

Shame on you, the human race.

Caught between their lies

Her smile begins to cease

Inside she slowly died

Shame on you, the human race.

No one ever told her they loved her

She started to count the days

No one cared about her

Shame on you, the human race.

I bet now that you’re sorry

I hope she put you in your place

Because she died a painful death

And it’s all because of you, the human race.

This post was submitted by Angela Williams.

I Don’t Care

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Just forget about it,
I Don’t Care anymore.
You finished it,
You’re the one that caused my heart to be tore

I found someone different
But it’s not like you would care,
My heart has a dent,
Now it’s true, life isn’t fair.

This post was submitted by Vanessa Wendel.


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Silence is the only sound I hear.
I only see darkness.
I am screaming on the inside,
but no one listens.
I am screaming on the outside, but no one seems to care.
Why will no one help me?
Is there hope or is there none?
Would someone please stop the earth, and in an instant I’ll be gone.
For silence is the only sound I hear,
I only see darkness.
I’m screaming on the outside, wont someone please hear.
My voice will soon be an echo in your gilt filled minds.
Soon the only sound you hear will be silence and you’ll soon see no light.
I am alone, my voice, a muffled sound.
I’ll walk into the distance, never to be found.

This post was submitted by Mel.


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People say time is the best medicine for a wound…

That isn’t true…

It leaves you hanging like a caterpillar on the edge of a leaf,

It leaves you yearning for happiness…

It makes you feel like all hope is lost…

Time can leave you…

When your gone it won’t even notice your gone…

It doesn’t care if you cry your eyes out, missing someone…

I used to be one of these people that believes that everything ends with a happy ending…

How come it won’t happen to me?

Sooner or later, I will be crying again,

wishing time will rewind back to the beginning… When I’m happy…

But then..

It’ll be over

a g a i n…

This post was submitted by jessica h.

Citizens of the Storm

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When the rain comes down,
You won’t hear my tear drops hit the floor as
Water flows down the glass.
Won’t see me shatter into a million pieces.
You won’t hear the mirror smash.
You won’t see my heart die, beating slowly
I walk these halls desolate, pale and solemn
So I’ll lay here in the grass
Cold and Alone.
I’ll look up and watch the stars
Disappearing just like you.
My night will be forever.
The nectar of life fleeing my being
Mother Earth will take me back,
Leave my lovely bones
You’ll know that every rain drop is
A tear you never saw.
Every gust of wind is
A scream of desperation you never heard.
Every poke and prod from icy air is
A stab my heart received and you never felt.
You didn’t know the war you raged
through my sanity…
The cycle will start again
when the rain comes down again….

This post was submitted by Madelline J..

The Bottle I Love

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He looks at the bottle, and opens it up wide.
Here’s to you my friend, until the day we die.
I made a promise to stay away.
But how can I, I miss you night and day.
I love you so no words can describe.
I gave up my family to you that’s no surprise.

You ruined my life with every sip I took.
I couldn’t help it I was just so hooked.
Together we made one hell of a team.
Ruining life’s hopes and dreams.
You pick me up when I feel down.
I couldn’t help but fall around.

My family is gone and no one cares.
The promises I made echoes through the air.
Oh why did I not stay away?
The bottle I love drove my family away.

So if I die please don’t cry.
The life with a bottle is you live or die.
My bottle will stay here by my side.
So here’s to you my family I choose to die.
With nothing left all I can say is,
Wasn’t it a crying shame.
That the bottle was not the one to be blamed.

This post was submitted by Lizle.

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