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I Walk Alone

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I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans
No one in this world stays with me
Because life at each moment betrays me.

I love to walk alone in the heavy rain
As no one can see my face in pain
Nobody can see my cry
As I try to wish the world good bye.

So, I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans.

When I was young, I was an atheist
At that time I sung, it was being realistic
But now, when I realize that God exists
I regret what I practiced.
And now as I walk through this rough path to my way
It feels that God made me pay.

So, I walk alone, I walk alone
As the cold winter wind slowly moans.

This post was submitted by Kaustubh Risodkar.

Peddle to the Floor

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I’m made to be ashamed of the way i am,
but continue to go forward with it.
It’s like i’m in a car with the gas peddle slammed to the floor.
And there nothing I can do but hold on and pretend to be in control.
But the truth is control was lost a long time ago.

The nightmares I get while lying in bed.
so many voices inside my head.
It’s always there right by my side saying “your soul will be mine.”
There’s something driving me,
something i can’t identify or comprehend.

But i know it’s there
It wants to be a master me it’s slave with me till my grave.
I don’t know how dominant it can be, all i know is its after me.
Yes, I’m afraid but continue to go on.

Tied in this car with the peddle slammed to the floor.
With nothing to do but hold on and pretend in search of a friend.
Looking out the window of the door waiting for help from someone
who no matter what wants me with my problems and more.

This post was submitted by Mercedes.

She was…

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Her warmth heated up my heart,
Though struggle I made me happy.
Now broken of hope and dream.
She begins to turn away from me.

She was the waterfall I climbed,
She was the tear I wept,
She was the vile of my time.
another person I never met.

Heated hearts to say good bye,
struggle, struggle, has seemed to die,
Now broken of hope and dream,
I begin to turn away from me.

This post was submitted by Josh DeL.


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My Eyes Are Closed,
My Lips Are Sealed,
If They Only Understood Hearts Take Along Time To Heals.

My Arms Are Roped,
My Legs Are Tied,
If They Only Knew Whats Going On Inside!

My Mouth Is Taped,
My Mind Is Gone,
This Has Been Happening All Along!

My Body Is Caged,
My Life Is Trapped,
If They Only Knew Where I’m Getting AT!

Words Are Words,
Thought Are Thoughts,
But Secrets Should Never Be Taught!

This post was submitted by Brittney Buell.

A Good goodbye

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When you begin life
you have nothing to succeed,
no goals or expectations,
you don’t need any of those.

It’s like saying you start out like a tree seed,
you know just when it’s your time to go shine,
to feel the power you did not have when you were alive.

You listen carefully to the spirit who is talking
to you from above,
he says it’s your time to shine.

Your time to begin your new life,
not being in pain,
to succeed everything
you did not succeed a second ago.

When you enter the light,
you know that you have to
leave your loved ones
with hope in their eyes.

That you soon will be free of your pain.

All you can do now is remember the life
you had in you,
and realize it was all worth while.

Don’t worry about your family,
they know you did not want to leave them,
but they also know you had to.

And to say a good goodbye….

This post was submitted by Sarah.

Sunday Morning

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I woke up Sunday Morning,
And she was gone.
I know I wasn’t loyal,
And I made her feel the clown.
But what a chance I had
At making my reality a dream.

The sun from Saturday has
Refused to shine.
I walk in the shadow
Of what could have been mine.
And that fading day,
Is nothing now but a shameful scene.

This post was submitted by Jeff Hamm.

My Friend

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I sat and cried today

my lucky soon

must be on her way

my friend from beginning

to end

our days of fanning

and running in the wind

are over now

with out her I will live

yet not sure how

I sat and cried today.

This post was submitted by Aedan McDonald.

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