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Come Back

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This is hard for me to say,
You know I dont need to go away,
But still I do,
Only because I wish to leave you,

You made me so mad,
I felt as though i hated you,
So when I learned that I could leave i took the first chance I had,

But now as I sit here all alone,
I miss the times we spent together,
The movies we would watch,
The laughs we would share,

You are now gone,
All because of me,

I want you to come back,
So I will wait here,
For however long it takes.

This post was submitted by Hadley.


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With death in her eyes,
she flipped out her blade.
Only moments before,
when she had found him.
He was so alive,
so tempting.
His golden eyes,
glinting in the sunlight.
She knew,
that she had to have him.
She ever so
cautiously walked to him.
She sat, started a conversation,
about knives.
She said she had one,
and pulled it out to show the man.
With death in her eyes,
she flipped out the blade.
All in one swift motion,
she turned and plunged the blade into his heart.
As she gazed at his golden eyes, she knew,
she must have them.

This post was submitted by Lauren Hall.

Tears Too Late

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Only loved by his family, he was a quiet boy.
So much taller than his classmates, he soon became their toy.
The clouded, thick glasses he wore, were often taken.
So very bullied and teased, he was often left shaken.
This very quiet and gentle boy kept it all inside.
As the taunts and names called, crushed him, and took away his pride.
He found comfort and joy in sports, proud, he joined a team.
Bullies grown up, words the same, spiteful jeers, ugly and mean.
Someone should have known, someone should have cared, but they didn’t.
The should have stopped him, when the gun was in his lonely hand.
Tears shed now are much too late, for their quiet, tall, sad classmate.
Years of hurt he kept inside, no one knew, but now they cried.
A friendly smile or handshake may have changed the scene for the stricken family.
The tears slowly shed on the moist soil, still soft on his grave.
Cannot restore a cherished youth, or the price he has paid.
Perhaps those guilty, will have a change start, because of him.

This post was submitted by Lauren Hall.

An innocent girl

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Into the cold crepuscular,
The young wrens fly to hide.
Lavender and turquoise blaze
Endlessly before the night creeps back
To seize those lonesome wanderers.

An innocent girl, sitting in a fetal position,
Begging the wolves for foods and beverages
And praying her god for help.
She gazes into her shivering heart ,
And asks herself,”why me?”

This post was submitted by trti tran.

Caused by you

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Brokenness, shattered
Into a million pieces
You caused it
Sadness, lonely
Cause your not here
Angry, upset
All on you
You made me this way
Overcome with joy
You didn’t help with that
Scared, shyness
Me hurt cause by you
I want someone to love
That likes me for who I am
Not for whom you made me
I want to know love
Just not with you
I have found happiness
Cause your gone.

This post was submitted by Lisa.

Death’s Ruler

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Some say she died to young,
I say she lived enough.
But she was only a child,
I know.
But i do not measure time,
As most do,
For what you measure in years,
And months,
And days,
I measured in love,
And faith,
And Wisdom.
For what you measure in age,
And grade,
And skill,
I measure in courage,
And strength,
And sacrifice,
Through all of this do you see,
Why she belongs with me?

This post was submitted by Jaz Brown.

Moment’s Pleasure

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Standing in the dark
i searched through the barks,
a few hopes laid dead
telling me no more to wait,
somewhere i changed my mind
and was on a way to go.

but then came a voice
of your footsteps making noise,
the darkness turned beautiful
as if the night had just found light,
all i could see
where the sparks in your eyes.

And there came my destiny
where your eyes touched my sight,
my soul fell numb
i starred blankly,
the silence continued
though it turned some more joyous.

The moment somewhere found its end
destiny turned away,
you smiled,
my favorite crooked smile
and then,
disappeared into darkness.

This post was submitted by sakhi shah.

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