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Sisters by Hannah Blumen-Green

DownUp +14

Tramping on the frozen ground,
Ancient anger crunched by our feet,
Secrets told the only four ears will know,
Sheltered by the sleet.
Side by side we cross a stream,
Gentle wind, a sunlight beam.
Forever entwined by our heart strings,
Soul mates together, we can do any thing.
There for one another, never apart,
Our life together will only start.
In our own world, we will stand,
Ready for our future, hand in hand.

This post was submitted by Hannah.


DownUp +123

You’re my sister, through thick and thin.
At the end of each day, together we will win.
Yes we fight, and yes we hate,
But at the end of each day
We are sisters, still the same

You lean on me and I on you.
I trust you to help me and I’ll help you.
You are my friend, but you are way more to me.
You are my sister; you mean the world to me.

This post was submitted by Katie Tesch.

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