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Remembering Seal Team

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We remember all of you elite men,
And all of the sacrifices that you made,
We remember all of the fighting that you did,
And all of the lives that you saved.

We remember all of the training that you had,
And all that you went through,
We remember how very difficult it was,
Because you were the chosen few.

So now we’ll just remember,
And it isn’t difficult to see,
That you were very special men,
And you fought to keep us free.

God Bless all of our troops.

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp.

Soldier, Soldier In The War

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Soldier, soldier what do you see?
I see planes flying over me.

soldier, soldier what do you hear?
i hear guns shooting very near.

soldier, soldier what do you smell?
i smell smoke from the prison cell.

soldier, soldier what do you feel?
i feel sad ’cause i lost someone dear.

soldier soldier what is your wish?
i wish for peace and freedom here.

This post was submitted by meg.

As I Soar Above the Clouds

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As I soar above the clouds
Leaving everything behind,
I search the ground below me.
I have no peace of mind.
I scan every field, so cautiously,
In search of one, single thing.
Then, I see it far below
Under my metallic wing.
I drop my eggs so carefully.
And listen to their whine,
And after a few, brief moments,
I know that leave is mine.
I head to the barn so cheerfully.
It’s so close I can almost see it.
Then in a burst of flak, it’s over.
My mission is completed.

This post was submitted by Victoria Phares.


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Hear the children’s crying
See the soldiers dying
Upon this dark unhappy doom
Pondering with heart of gloom

Their life was hold by the weapon
Guns and fires and cannons
Blood flows everywhere
Smell of hatred in the air

Trouble and wounded heart
Completely devastated with wrath
My native land covers with gore
Ruled by a heart of tormentor

Set aside thy agonizing cry
From this conflict we say goodbye
And see our children’s happy
Hear their laughter and proud hurray

This post was submitted by vergene bacordo.

A Soldier’s Prayer

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Hit again! that’s twice today.
Why don’t they get it over and blast me all away.
Never had no learning; never taught to pray;
Want to talk to Jesus; don’t know what to say.

Where’d you come from Buddy? Wasn’t here before.
Don’t look like no soldier. You ain’t used to war.
What’s that on your shoulder; Buddy, that’s no gun.
You should have some weapons; war ain’t just for fun.

Gee, your head is bleeding. Let me wipe your brow.
I got the strength to do it; I’m strong as ever now.
Crown of thorns and cross … Golly, I remember;
you’re the King, the Boss.

Thought I was unlucky; all i’ve sacrificed;
But I’m dying happy in the arms of Christ

Carol Bullard; Wilson, NC

This post was submitted by Carol Bullard.

A Soldier am I

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I wonder as I set here today
Will it rain or will it shine.
I wonder will things be alright
And will I survive, in this mess
That some call war…the noise
Around me that I tune out, the
Screams and the pains
That call out my name.
The sun can cook me, or the rain
Can melt me…but my place is
By your side as long as a breath is in me.
I fear nothing for I am strong…if something happens
And I can’t go on. Find a place
Where the shade is wide and bury me deep
And do not cry. My duty has been won,
Honor is taken…but for my love, my country,
And my home that cannot be forsaken. I am a
Soldier…and a soldier am I.

This post was submitted by Wendy Bumpas.

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