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Nathyn Leland’s Poem

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You may have many questions
And I hope they’re answered true
But one thing that I promise
I gave my heart to you

My heartstrings tug
More and more each day
Every passing minute,
every single second
I think of you and pray

Yet another year goes by
And still I miss you so
While I wanted to forever hold you
I was forced to let you go

I know you must be happy
In a better place
But please my baby know
That when I dream of you,
I always see your face

When you look at yourself
And wonder all the while
Please remember dear birth son
I gave you that perfect smile.

This post was submitted by Sarah Peter.

sleep now

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Hush, hush my little one
Sleep now and pain will be gone
Close your eyes and it’ll be okay
And tomorrow you will be happy

Sleep now my little precious
Gone thy heartache and blues
Let your dream carry you away
In a world full of fantasy

Sleep now as I sing you lullaby
Song of love that will never die
And I’ll be by your side
Until the morning arrive

Sleep now as the moon watching you
And stars shines so brightly for you
I will be here forever
And I promise to leave you never

Sleep now as God is guiding you
Angels are singing tonight for you
Here in my arms fall asleep
And feel this love so deep

Sleep now and don’t you cry
Mother has to say goodbye
But promise here in my heart
Forever we will never be apart.

This post was submitted by vergene bacordo.

The Price Of War

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I’ve born a Son
Now the time has come
He goes to war on a forign shore
What will return after he is done

I am now old and He is far away
What will He become my only Son
I Pray, for his safe return
Just like he left, His life not done

Must he return time after time
Chance limb and life in another land
What s price he pays, till the war is won
Mychild, my only Son

Must He learn to kill, a mothers Son
And what will be won, when war is done
When he comes home, will he be whole
Or maybe he won’t God rest his soul

I’ll bare no more to send to war
To whom do I owe this sacrafice
Offer my only Son to give his life
Had I known, there would be no Son

This post was submitted by W H Rayburn.

Jordan, My Son

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Whenever I look at you
My heart fills with pride
You are a son I am proud
To have at my side
The times that I thought
Where did I go wrong?
Are no longer a thought
Because it does not belong
You have turned out to be
The most perfect son
When I smile each day
You are the reason
You are my first born
My prodigy
My wish for you my son
Is be all you can be

This post was submitted by Teresa.

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