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DownUp +3

For all the things we’ll never have
And all the plans that failed
For all the countries we never saw
Or the seas we never sailed

For all the promises that were never kept
Or the dreams that weren’t complete
For the shallowness of all the words
And the thoughts that were too deep

For all these things, I apologize
And now that we are through
I am so sorry for everything
Except for loving you.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

I’m Sorry

DownUp +1

Im sorry for what ive done
My innocence is so far gone
I never meant to bring you down
Please forgive me

My heart is broken once again
Ive never felt so lost in sin
Im crying out
I need you now
Cant you hear me

I know
Ive fallen so damn low
But i need you to help me overcome
the things im ashamed of
Im sinking into the black
No chance of getting back

Im lost without a chance
I need to feel your hands
I never meant to break your heart
Come back to me

take me now
break me down
and build me again
more in your image
need your love
am ashamed of
all i did in the dark..

This post was submitted by Haley Mouton.

I Am Sorry

DownUp +1

I’m sorry for not telling you my words
I’m sorry for not keeping my promise
I’m sorry for forgetting your needs
But ill never forget to love you

Ill never forget you in pain
Ill never forget your beauty
Ill never forget your existence
So ill be sorry for not being by your side

When you cry my tears run
When your hurt we’ll both need aid
When you die the earth dies

I’m sorry for forgetting your time of loneliness
But ill never forget i love you.

This post was submitted by Sakeme Sechii.

I Am Sorry Forever

DownUp 0

I’m sorry I every truly loved you
With all my heart, it never missed a beat
For you it lived my heart mind and soul
Sorry for ever thinking my best friend and I
Were destined to be together
Forever is all I longed for
Our love to intertwin
To blossom from the best friendship
The world has ever known
I’m sorry it wasn’t what you wanted
I’m sorry I listened when you said you loved me
I’m sorry that this is how It’s turned out
I’m sorry that what I thought we had
Just was not real to you
I’m sorry I can’t take this anymore
I’m sorry my best friend
I’m sorry Sarah I won’t make it
I’m sorry I ever fell in love
For the love has killed me
Tonight I drown and decay
My tears swallow my soul
My heart stops beating
But my love for you won’t go
I’ve ended it tonight my best friend
For I can not grow old without my
True love, the love of my life
My best friend Sarah
I’m forever sorry.

This post was submitted by Dan.

Hey Baby, Here’s the Poem You Wanted ;)

DownUp 0

My sorrow cannot be expressed

Through words or subtle actions

A mistake, I had made and I shall pay

With eternal loneliness, find me

Baby, I’m so sorry

Those seconds I cannot replay

But I’ll give you my heart to throw away

I’ll wander heartless and dead on broken glass

And I’ll erase the signs of my mere existence

I’m so depressed and done

You have tortured me with a beautiful face

I regret my attraction, it should have been stopped

And I’ll die for you, no worries

And when I continue without your touch

Then lonely, is what I shall grow into

I will become an unkillable monster at the least

Suicide will become my friend and I shall sacrifice

My oh so dead to the freaking world soul

For you,

My love

Bury me in the ashes of our dead friendship

Shower me in what is left of nothing at all


This post was submitted by Juliet Dahmer.

Move On

DownUp 0

I told you yes
but I had no idea
the end would be a mess.
I didn’t mean to hurt you.
No need to glare.
It’s what I needed to do.
Later on, this won’t mean a thing
this breakup that tore you apart
will no longer sting.
What we had is gone.
Please forgive me
and just move on.

This post was submitted by Carolyn Mayer.

I’m sorry

DownUp 0

I’m sorry if I can’t tell you I do care
Because I don’t want you to discover,
This feeling I used to keep hidden
Even I’ve suffer from the pain every now and then.

I’m sorry if I had to lie
Because I’m afraid I could no longer deny,
That I’ve already fallin’ to this guy
Which from now on will always be the apple of my eye.

Sorry if I’m pushing you away
For I knew deep inside my heart you remain and stay,
I’m sorry if I keep on insisting you’re just my friend
Because I keep on praying we could be together and our friendship will last till the end.

Sorry if I couldn’t stop myself from confessing
At this moment, you are about to hear my real feelings,
Hoping you’re not yet committed and still holding on
Until you knew what I really felt for you, through this poem.

Lastly, I wanna end up this poem by still saying I’m sorry
If I can no longer pretend to be your good friend you thought I would be,
From now on, I’ll let you tame this wild heart of mine forever
‘Coz “I LIKE YOU” too my dear TAMER.

This post was submitted by zai2 59.

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