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I’m sorry…

DownUp +23

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I’m about to have to tell you the truth.
I can’t lead you on and treat you like this,
Falling for another yet it’s you who I kiss.
I wish I could spare you the anger and pain,
But I can’t be with you without going insane.
So dear I believe this is our last goodbye,
I’m sorry it’s a text but I can’t see you cry.

This post was submitted by Miranda.


DownUp +7

S sorry for whatever I did
O over emotional, crying, surprised I bet
R really blown away this could never happen
R rapping about my sorrow over and over again
Y yet not surprised cause it’s all my fault
but won’t give up NO MATTER WHAT
one good thing I was taught…

This post was submitted by Brittany Nicole Tiller.

I’m sorry

DownUp +3

I love the way we work,
I love the way we talk as one,
But I’m sorry love this is confusing me so much,
The way we work isn’t working for me any more,
The confusing part is that I love you so much but I’m sorry I can’t go on any longer,
I’m sorry my mistake has led you on,
I’m sorry my love has failed you,
I’m sorry my love.

This post was submitted by MNM.

Saying Sorry…

DownUp +144

I expected too much…
From someone who always gave very little.
Then when i realized what i lost…
All i could think about was what i was going to half to do to get it back and what it would cost…
And if what i was willing to give was even enough, to say I’m sorry i messed up.
I make mistakes all the time, but for some reason this one is always on my mind.
If only i could tell you how i feel…
How i can’t sleep at night, because i know when i fall asleep you’ll be in my dreams, it’s like torture.
You use to be the reason i woke up every morning, now you’re the reason i never sleep.

This post was submitted by Sierra Drowns.

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