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How can I thank you God for helping me?

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Thank you God for helping me.
For hearing when we pray.
For making me clean inside so I am like my Father.
Thank you when you see my shame you don’t turn away.
Thank you for your Son that started our relationship.
Thank you for the leaders with hearts full of LOVE and help.
Thanks you for my husband I could never live without.
Thank you for the Holy Spirit .
Thank you for the piece of you in me that hell can not touch.
Thank you for the children I see and can give love
and hope to because of your help to me.
Thank you for choosing me Lord
it is still amazing you chose me for your kingdom daughter.
Thank you Abba Father for helping me
have life and life abundantly.
A hug A kiss Another Thank You Praise
You Praise the NAME of JESUS.

This post was submitted by Jean B..


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Thank you for being there to teach me
with knowledge and wisdom

Without your sacrifice,
love you share
and giving time to care
I am just like a wall nothing to do at all

You shared your jokes
that make me choke,
memorable and unforgettable

My happiness cannot be counted
even if needed

I only want to thank you
I will never forget you!

This post was submitted by Ma. Althea Loreen V. Fabular.

Thank You

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Thank you so much
For being the one person I could talk to.
Thank you so much
For never leaving my side
Through the tough and ugly times.
Thank you so much
For being my rock.
Thank you for being understanding.
Thank you for being patient, kind, friendly.
Thank you for accepting me for who I was
And looking on the inside
Not the outside.
But most of all…thank you
for loving me-like no one else ever has
Or ever will.

This post was submitted by kc.

Thanks a lot

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Thanks for being there when no one else was
Thanks for loving me when no one else did
Thanks for scolding me when I did something wrong
Thanks for forgiving me when I went back on what I said
Thanks for giving up your life so that we could live
Thanks for knowing that we needed that
Thanks for helping me when I was down on my luck
Thanks for blessing me with two brothers even though sometimes I wish you hadn’t
Thanks for knowing what’s best for me
Thanks, a… a lot.

This post was submitted by Kelsey.

A Love Poem For Mama

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Mama, thank you for teaching me to speak,
the most beautiful and sweet words,
and leading me to the most wonderful place.
Thank you for teaching me to pray,
and helping me to learn my ABC’s.
Thank you for your undying love and protection.
Thank you for your constant guidance and reminders.
Thank you for your endless forgiveness and acceptance.
Thank you for your consistent sympathy and compassion.
Thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement.
Mama, there were a lot of things that I should tell you.
But right now, I only want you to know
I love you very much.
I would always be grateful to God,
for sending me a real angel, Mama.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.

I am nothing without you

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When I am lost, I know you are there
You never leave me in times of trouble and despair
When I feel lonely and empty you are there to comfort me
People around me don’t know what I feel but you always know all about me
I never regret the time when I know you
Time comes that I forget you
You always touch my heart to go back to you
I am all alone from this moment, but you are there
Waiting for me to reach for you
Thank you for everything you done to my life
For the care and guidance everyday you given to me
I know I am nothing without you
All the things I have right now is nothing without you

This post was submitted by eden mae.

The Things You Gave Me

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There were times in this world
when I felt lost, unwanted and useless.
Those were the times
when I felt that
the whole world was against me
and that nobody cared.

Then you came into my life
and became my friend.
You showed me that I was not a bad person.
You believed in me
when nobody else would.
You believed in me
when I lost belief in myself.
You gave me the strength, love, hope & desire
to be a living person.
I thank you for that.

When I felt down,
you pulled me back up.
When I felt lost,
you showed me the way back.
And when I felt useless
you showed me
that my life was worth living.

Your shoulder was always there
for me to cry on
and your hand
was always there to guide me.
My life was shattered
when you came into my life
and you put it back together

When I had ceased to believe in love
you showed me my heart
and you gave me your love.
Because of you
I am a whole new person.
Thank you

My life now has a meaning
and a purpose.
It is hurt free.
Your loving strength and hope
mended me
and put love into my heart.

Your kind words of wisdom
and helping hand
has taught me
the true meaning of
hope, love, and kindness.
Your dedication helped show me
the world as beautiful, loving and caring.

My life’s changed
because of you.
I am grateful for everyday
that I am living
because each day
becomes more and more beautiful
to be living in.

I have belief in myself.
I have belief in this world.
and I have belief
that anything is possible
and that nothing
is too big or too small to handle.

This world is a better place
because you stood up
and showed me
that life is too precious to waste
and that only we can change
who we are, no one else.
This is my life
and I’m going to live it positively.

Once again:

Thank you
for your strength, dedication
and belief in me.
You are a true and loving friend.
Keep shining your light on others
as you did for me
and just be your unique self.

This post was submitted by Anelia Blais.

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