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Outside your window,
Is a world of white,
Frozen sleet and snow,
Accompanied by sheets of ice.
The snowflakes fall,
Like leaves off a tree.
Leaving a blanket behind,
Fast and free.
There’s nothing quite like it,
Seeing the snow.
So put on you’re coats
And you’re ready to go!
You frolic and tramp,
Run and stamp,
And then you build your snowman.
He stands quite tall,
A bit taller than you.
He wears a hat,
a carrot nose,
and a scarf, too.
His eyes, mouth and buttons are just regular stones.
But the more you stare, he smiles.
When you go in, he stands there, all alone.
You’re sad, because you know he wont last awhile.
Eventually, when spring comes near,
You, ever so thoughtfully, begin to fear,
That your snowman won’t hold out,
He’s already becoming short and stout.
And then one day,
When you get home from school,
You have nothing to say,
Because it’s not nearly cool.
It’s far too warm outside,
For your snowman to survive.
So you put your hat over your messy hair,
Soon to find that nothing is there.

This post was submitted by Anna.

Winter Is Here

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I walk outside….it is cold

I can barely stand it

Around me lay fresh fallen snow

I look up and im blown away by the beauty that i see……

snow covered trees glistening in the sun

silent snow flakes falling on the soft earth

Nothing can compare

Its as if the earth has been hushed

I forget how algid it is

The view is wholesome and pure, peaceful and relaxing…

I go indoors pleased and flushed

I cherish this season.

This post was submitted by Kaytlin Westlake.

Cold Mornings

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Cold mornings, making blankets your hide-away
Outside,ice crystals cover the fallen leaves
Inside, hot coffee to warm the cold of the day
A warm sweater with long woolen sleeves,
Helps knock out the chill, staving the cold away
A walk proves fall is here with leaves on fire
Of colors, Flame orange, yellow. and red
A picture of nature you cannot help but admire
The sound of dried fallen leaves under feet fill my head
The sound of geese signal a warning sign
While fall moves in, allowing winter to run its course
Each fall foliage has a different design,
Winter cruel with cold, shows no remorse.

This post was submitted by Tracy Powers.

Snow Snow Snow

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Snow is falling all around,
It’s white and fluffy as it hits the ground.
Layers and layers are on my deck
and its not melting what the heck!
It’s glimmering and gleaming
and in the backyard my snowmans beaming.
Snow angels are everywhere,
then theres the real ones flying in the air.
Winter is a great time of year
it’s a time for joy, hope, and cheer!

This post was submitted by Abbie.


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Winter brings thoughts of snow.
Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights.
Winter brings thoughts of cold.
Cold noses, cold fingers, cold houses.
Thoughts of hot chocolate by the fireplace
Thoughts of a white Christmas
A year without snow is like a year without winter
The cold days are insulting, the snow never stays
One day of beautiful snow
Only to be ruined by a week of sun and warmth
Call me crazy, but I missed having a winter.

This post was submitted by Nakeeta.

Winter – A Beautiful time

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A Beautiful time
Where you hear the Angels sing
See the gods Crystal Tears fall from the heavens
Snow its called
Everythings still
Captured in time by the colds grip
Blankets all with a layer of purity
Slient nights
As the angels watch their children play in the Glacial Playground.

This post was submitted by joel.

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