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Promise! yes i said promise ,
We both doth it,
i remember it and i will,
but dout for you,
Oh! no no ,i do trust you,
but not the fate,
i know you love me ,
but i ask, “do you promise?”,
i know we will be together,
But i ask,”do you promise?”.

You promised love forever,
you promised we will be together,
you said our love is sublime,
and dear you are only mine,
but why are you not with me,where did u go,
you are my life you have to know.

Is there something i did wrong,
in spite of our relation being so strong,
you said true lover forever,
promising to be together forever and ever,
unlucky… “what’s a promise?”,
u dont know……….

You left me for just a sleep,
a sleep under the feet,
sad that you cant,
but there’s still a chance,
to be with you,
i will do so, i will do so and i will do……
for keeping my immortal love alive,
and my mortal cloth sublime.

This post was submitted by keshav saxena.

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