Puzzle Piece

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A broken heart can never mend,
Unless you have a friend.
A friend that means a little more.
Someone to cherish, love, and adore.
To pick up the pieces of a broken time.
Someone to say “I’m glad your mine”.
With eyes that see straith through you.
Wanting something honest and true.
He makes yous heart skip a beat.
When playing game he’s the one to cheat,
He wants you to win to see you smile.
Acting like he didnt all the while.
Holds you close and kisses you cheek.
Makes you stronger when you are weak.
Makes you happy when you are sad.
Thinks its cute when you get mad.
He’s the puzzle piece that fits just right.
That pefect boy who is holding me tonight. 🙂

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

Category: Love Poems
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