Raining tears

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The rain begins to fall,
Hiding my tears of despair and suffering,
My cries of pain reach no one,
I have let myself become alone.
To suffer alone.

My tears are shed for the boy
who betrayed my heart.
For that boy that used to love me,
But I still love him,
More than he could ever know.
My heart skips a beat
And my breath stumbles,
As my will to live weakens.

I fall back into the water
And the cold seeps into my skin,
making me cold;
Inside and out.

My heart a frozen wasteland.
My soul a devastated battlefield.
I fought a war that ended in blood,
My wrists dripping into the puddles,
Slowly, as my tears mix with the blood.

My heart was ripped to pieces,
A knife sticking out my back.
The damage too great to endure.
A fatal blow.
Mu every thought,
Still consumed by you.

Only now, instead of laughter and smiles,Grief,
Pain,Anger,Sorrow,Loneliness,And a broken will.

My wrists weep endless tears,
My heart throbs with undeniable pain.
My soul crumbling into dust.
You wee my life.
My reason for living.
My only tie to this dreadful,
And tragic world.

With every lie you spoke,
The stitches you helped to sew,
Snapped,Ripped,And frayed.

With every fake kiss and smile,
My soul sunk further into misery.
Every word spoken,
Every promise broken,
Brought pain and suffering back into my life.
You were the one to patch it all back together.
And now your the one tearing it apart.

I loved you from the beginning,
Even now,At the end,
I will continue to mourn my love for you.
Burning in hell,
Or flying in the heavens,
I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Kat.

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