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My mind is racing, and I am reaching,
Reaching out to you.
My throat is sore, from all my calling,
Calling out for you.
My eyes are tired, from all their searching,
Searching out there for you.
My tears seem endless, as they keep falling,
Falling because of you.
My heart is breaking, from all its aching,
Aching only for you.
My feet grow tired, from all this running,
Running to get to you.
My heart is tired, tired of aching,
Aching for only you.
My eyelids fall, tired of searching,
Searching out there for you.
My voice grows faint, tired of my calling,
Calling out to you.
My arms grow heavy, from all their reaching,
Reaching out there for you.
My body grows weary, as my mind keeps racing,
Racing to understand you.

This post was submitted by sara.

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