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Today marks the day! A significant moment.
A mark in time burned into my soul.
For on this cloudy Spring day came the torrent of anger, distrust and revolt.

She scowled at me stating she didn’t believe
That I was in fact, as my words and my pleas.
She arched at my thoughts and she sighed a relief
As she freely dismissed me, and parted with ease.

For now, even in this quietest of moments
I can hear my heart tear and my soul slowly burn.
Still love her, do I, even in my woeful torment
Her cutting is final; to faith shall I turn.

Lord help this to pass – help me up, help me forward.
Help me put on the facade I’ve perfected.
Let me give up the love once cherished so much
And recover my heart – please protect it.

Ne’er again take a chance! Ne’er again open up!
Only hurt, pain and suffering you’ll see.
You’ve loved twice in your life – the first was cruel the second lost,
And this – the last and final – made three.

Put back up the brick wall and block out all who pass
Post your old sign once again –
“To all people – Alone please leave me!”

This post was submitted by TripleD.

Category: Break Up Poems
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One Response

  • jodie e says:

    that is cute you make it sound so real as tho it happened to u lol if it did i’m sooo sorry but that sounded like it came from the heart man i wouldn’t expect a boy to come out with a poem like that lol



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