Return of the Knight

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Sorry for all the times that I was distant,
Its just I’m scared my family will be non-existent,
The partings come and go so fast,
I’m loosing all my precious past.

My memories now have crashed and burned,
And all my closest people have turned,
But why would you leave someone you loved?,
Bleeding to the kids like a sick dove.

No regrets, no remorse,
Just ‘sign the papers’, and a silent divorce,
Once upon a time, they were that knight and princess,
Makes me wonder what is this whole mess.

Maybe it was me who had parted,
And the reason the people darted,
I just wish upon the wise moons,
To regain a figure that will heal my wounds.

‘Return of the knight’, I quote,
Why cant this happen I note,

Wishing for the same memories,
But to forget all those enemies.

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

Category: Sad Poems
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