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I opened my wearied heart to you,
I thought you had done the same for me.
Instead, I’m empty-breasted, beaten, and blue;
A void dwells where my heart used to be.
You held it in those fragile hands,
I used to hold in mine.
All I received in return,
Were excuses, and wasted lines.
I race, and pace, and stand in place;
I grumble, and I grouse.
I splash cool water on my ghostly face,
I’m always awake in a sleeping house.
I cannot fathom why you would do this love;
Why you would leave me sad, and low.
I thought you were sent from up above;
But now I think you’re from down below.
I cannot lie, for you, I’ve cried
Since you took your love away.
But my foolish, selfish pride
Would not allow me to beg you stay.
And so I bid you a bittersweet farewell,
Now that we’re worlds apart.
It’s high time to pick up the pieces
But how does one mend a broken;
and shattered heart?
I will forgive, and I will forget;
Like I forced myself to do all along
So to say you’re just like the rest,
To me, does not seem very wrong

This post was submitted by Savannah Collins.

Category: Sad Poems
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