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When my ancestors came to live in this land
Your fathers were kind to extend their hand
They shared this place for us to live
And then we stole what you could not give
We took many things we can never return
Your loved ones, your ways and the Tipi’s that burned
We tried forcing our ways cause we thought they were right
While we were the ones who would start most the fights
The children you birthed we took far away
We bruised them and beat them for speaking their way
We tried to teach white to the spirit so free
Raping the beauty we can no longer see
One of the white gave to you as a gift
Blankets of sickness we must not forget
In battles between the whites and the red
We cut off your noses to keep count of the dead
On land you gave us, we forced you to move
To land we thought useless to grow our food
And still to this day in a country so “free”
Your families still live there in dark poverty
The issues you face are result of the past
We forced upon you dismay that would last
We gave you alcohol for our greedy gain
Teaching you ways that only cause pain
I still want to thank you for the land I call home
And I truly am sorry for all that we’ve done
I understand the anger you feel
The torture you went through unimaginably real
My hope is to speak and set free the truth
That we were the vengeful savage brutes
My purpose on earth is to share my words
To help make certain the past is heard
To any Native that I may offend
I do not mean to as you are my friend
For something to change, someone must speak
For it all stays the same when we only think.

This post was submitted by Angelia Kepford.

Category: Life Poems
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