Save the last dance

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I’m not sure if you know
I’m not sure if it shows
That when I’m with you
You make my heart glow

Your smile brightens up even the gloomiest of days
I’m not sure what this feeling is
But i hope that it stays

Every time i look in your big brown eyes
I’m truly lost for words
And overwhelmed with butterflies

My breathing gets heavier
My heart beats faster
When it comes to inducing adoration
You are truly a master

I would drive every mile
Just to see you smile
And cuddle with you
Like it’s going out of style

So many things make me think about you
Even something so small
As seeing one lonely shoe

Every time i look up at the moon
I smile as I’m reminded
That i’ll be with you soon

I’d give you the world to hold a place in your heart
Because your so beautiful
Because your so smart

I may not be the best looking guy
But i promise you this
That given the chance
I will show you the very best of times

I could go on for an eternity
About why i think it should be you and me
And if it was
How great it would be

I know that right now you may not be ready
But i can wait
And keep holding steady

And if right now isn’t the time
I pray you’ll always keep me in the back of your mind

I hope you decide to give me chance
And that for me
You’ll save the last dance.

This post was submitted by Ryan Schickendantz.

Category: Love Poems
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