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Music is My Savior,
My Knight in Shinning Armor
The The One Thign That Keeps Me Sane
Without it I Would Go Insane
Without it My Mind Would Be Lost
In a Dark Abyss of Lonliness
They’ll Never Take Me Through the Dust

THe Angle are Screaming Down
As They Hear My Voice
While The Spirits Have a Frown
There is One Way That is My Choice

As This Spike Goes Through My heart
Music is Still Beating in My Mind
This is How I Express My Art
As if I Was Blind

When This Funeral Ends
We’re Going to Have a Bash
Just for Our Friends
After They Crash

Getting Killedin My Sleep
Is My Gratest Fear
Once I Hear That Beep
I Know I’m In For a Dare

So as Music Expresses My Life
I Sit Here Alone
With This Knife
To The Bone

This post was submitted by Nikki-Dee.

Category: Lonely Poems
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