Second Chance Soul

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My life is empty,

I feel incomplete.

Trust is uncertain,

live with deceit.

Lay my head down,

each night for rest.

Sleep unfulfilled,

this weight on my chest.

Doubt and confusion,

an endless sea.

Breaking the surface,

but never quite free.

Soul’s hidden passions,

left to stir below.

Caught up in the current,

of sweet misery’s flow.

And as this life fades,

or seems near end.

A comforting moment

is found in a friend.

Can this be true?

Do I see this in dream?

A love, a support

I have never seen.

The numbness now fades,

it’s under control.

Born from this love,

a Second Chance Soul……..

This post was submitted by Jaysun Neville.

Category: Love Poems
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