Secrets and lies

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Secrets and lies look where the lead us
Sharing our deepest fears to people we don’t trust
The holes getting deeper yet I continue down
Waiting for the moment everything overwhelms me and I can drown

I always make things worse and each time I break away a piece of my soul
Now i am all drained and stuck in reality everything’s out of control
Cautious and wary I can’t decide one form another
Am I that stupid to be fooled by their masks?

How could I say the things I have I should have told them straight
I won’t survive in no-man’s land i am going to crumple beneath the weight
Go to a distant place where nothing matters and no one knows
Until tomorrow when I do it all again we must wait to see what the outcome shows

This post was submitted by AC2.

Category: Sad Poems
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4 Responses

  • Clarissa says:

    u spell from this way but its still a wonderful poem

  • shivangi says:

    hey this is my favourite out of all on this page ……. a must read for all who fell and love and broke their hearts……..

    keep going AC2

  • BrokenHeartGirl says:

    This is a wonderful poem. I feel exactly like the words in this poem. It all fits me.. Is that good… Is that bad.. All i know is it’s me..
    The BrokenHeartGirl</3

  • Brittney. says:

    this poem is my favorite.
    it’s not exactly happy.
    but it’s beautiful.

    you need to submit a bunch more.
    i would love to read them all. :]



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