Selfish Creed

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Life won’t be the same again,
The sun’s rays won’t be as bright as before.
There’s emptiness in my being and nothing can fill the gap,
Though smiles are drawn in my lips,
They won’t be as sweet as they used to be.

I put up a strong facade,
Trying to be tough and firm in others’ sight.
But my deafening sobs echo during the darkest nights,
Haunted by your memories that linger in my mind.

I long for you but I must deny,
This feeling isn’t right even from the start.
I am fooling myself, trying to hold on a fragile hope,
But soon, everything will break loose,
And nothing will be left but a broken soul.

If only wishes come true,
I’ll run to you and hold you tight.
Not minding my past, no looking back,
I will sit still next to your heart.
But this is such a selfish creed.

You and I, will end so soon,
Leaving me behind lost and alone.
No one can mend my broken heart,
Because it’s only you I need all along…..

This post was submitted by Maureen.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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