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As graduation looms
I fear the worst
I fear loss, I fear to forget
For through the years latter
You were my stone on which I could count
The shoulder on which I knew I could pour
Out my heart and soul
Knowing you would never stray

You were a friend
You have now become more
People have come and gone
But you have remained
I’m not the easiest person to deal with
The best person to ask advice of
I try, I try to be the best friend
The un-related sister

I may stumble.
I slip every now and again
But know, as we increase distance
and decrease time
I will forever remember
My best friend
I will forever cherish the times spent
I will stand here as long as you need

You are more than a friend
More than an acquaintance through four years
You are my sister
Part of my family
I only hope I am a part of yours

This post was submitted by Sara.

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