She Was The One and Only

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Tears are coming out of her face,
But all I can say is nothing…
Then she walks out,
I want to run after her….
But my legs aren’t moving,
I want to say sorry,
I wanna make up and cuddle,
I wanna tell her to come back,
But instead,
All I do is just sit there,
Two years have gone by,
I’ve dated many others,
But none are like her,
I see her sometimes,
In the halls of school,
At the mall,
We talk,
Other times we don’t,
I miss her can’t she see that?
I guess not,
I guess I get what was coming,
Cheating on her…
I love her, maybe that’s the last words I want to say to her,
Or is it can we get back together?
but i already know that answer,
i know she is moving on,
maybe it’s about time i do too,
but then i know i can’t,
’cause i know she was the one,
the only…

This post was submitted by Serena.

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