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You let me go
Then you want me back
Stop pushing me around
And cut me some slack
Must I always be waiting on you?
I need someone to see me through
I’m not here just for your joy
I do have my own life
And I’m not your toy
Give me a chance
Because I’m still broken
From the last thing you did
The words that were spoken
Couldn’t you have looked me I the eye?
I guess not
Were you too afraid to see me cry?
Well I’m not, and I wasn’t going to anyway
Because I’m stronger than that
People get hurt everyday
So stop getting things mixed up
You did this to me
It was you, you were the one
Open your eyes look and see!
Forget it I’m done
It’s your fault and you know it
So why don’t you be a man
Find your feelings and show it.

This post was submitted by Celine Butcher.

Category: Anger Poems
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