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As I lie here asleep
I dream of how it will feel six feet deep
Will this pain then be the same
Or will it be the end of the game
I pray there will be no more tears
And that I will have nothing more to fear
But as I lay here in complete dark
I wonder, if up above, I left my mark
Is there anyone who would really care
Maybe they won’t even realize I’m not there
I hope they’ll think about me every once in a while
Maybe even remember me with a smile
As I recall the smiles on their face
I ask myself, was it really an unbearable place
It is extremely lonely and quiet down here
The silence is deafening to my ears
Is this a tear coming from my eye
Or is it the rain seeping in from the sky
I realize now, there will always be some pain
And from here, there is nothing to gain
But now as I lie here six feet deep
I wish I was…………only asleep

This post was submitted by Lavida Stevens.

Category: Sad Poems
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