Sound Like LOVE…

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Your addictive charm excite me.
I’m mesmerized by you symphony;
You singing that song
And I don’t know how long
My body can resist;
Maybe your LIPS want to be kissed
And my LIPS want to reminisce
The passion in your taste.
I wonder how long will it take
Before I fall on my face;
As I’m smothering in you arms
Your warmth is kind and soothing.
But I’m blinded by the sight
Of your smile; It’s so bright.
And of course your touch gives me chills;
Down my back I feel your thrills.
You distract all my senses;
When I smell your heavenly scent;
I see nothing but blurry images in my head.
And when I touch your beloved body;
My fingers are numb from being excited.
And when you kiss my awaiting lips;
I fall deep into your tender world.
Spinning unconsciously——- but aware
Of your beautiful L.O.V.E

This post was submitted by LaTisha Gaylor.

Category: Love Poems
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