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The stitches in my rag doll
are coming loose again
along with all the memories
I had hidden in them
The love I had for only one
The hate I had for another
The fun I had with all my friends
and the bad times that I had
all these things were wrapped up
in the stitches of my rag doll.
The tears I cried
The happiness poured in
The anger a thousand times placed
would all amount to nothing
if the stitches came unlaced
I grasp for the memories
I desperately need to keep
but as my rag doll unravels,
the memories in the stitches
are all forgotten, lost, without a trace.
As time goes on, as new memories are made
I can’t help but wonder
where those forgotten memories went
those untouched dreams
the ones I started
but never finished…

This post was submitted by Hannah Morris.

Category: Sad Poems
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