Stop Female Infanticide

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Though it is not an exam or test
I vouch for it – girls are the best

When mom is down and dad is away
Its baby daughter who takes o’er for the day

Even when small and yet to learn
Looking after mom and dad is her concern

As she grows into a lovely maiden
Her mind, for her parents, in thoughts is laden

And when she leaves for her husband’s abode
Her allegiance always to her parents is stowed

Its foolish couples who yearn for a son
Repent when he grows into an ungrateful one

Then starts all the misery, wrath and pain
Though, joy and happiness to the world, they feign

Isn’t it cruel that you killed her in your womb?
Before her birth you gave her a tomb!

Stop this injustice! Rise women of the World
to this single cause – the flag is now unfurled.

Stop female infanticide you cruel hearts
Wake up to reality we have lessons to impart

Though it is not an exam or test
I reiterate with humility ‘Girls are the Best’!

This post was submitted by Julie Das.

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