Stubborn Angel

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The closer this nocturnal journey comes to an end
The more i fear to see the morning sun
How desperately i hope for this moment to be paused
And put it on a bottle then get it tightly closed

You are the sweetest bitter chocolate that ever melted in our mouths
You are the sun rays that comes out on a sky filled with clouds
You are the joy in every tears that continuously fall
You are the only stubborn angel our hearts will ever know

I know that this is inevitable
That life is way beyond our control
But the thought that you’ll go and won’t come back
Is the hardest part that i have to take

These tears flooding my face won’t stop as i touch your face on the glass
Every scene i had with you plays on my mind with the hope it won’t last
But i know this time alot will change
For only my dreams will i see your face

Now everyday would be like a morning without sunshine
A night time without the moon and the stars
A life without your laughter
And a lifetime full of emptiness and tears .

This post was submitted by Rhea Anne Paas-Rance.

Category: Sad Poems
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