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As I look out the window
I envy the sun’s bright glow
The sky so clear and blue
The color painted in me too

The cloud puffy and white
The sky almost lost in sight
It’s like a shadow
That covers ones sorrow

The sun’s shine is blocked
It’s rays forcing out
I want to be free
from feeling this empty

The gentle breeze softly blows
The trees sway as it follows
My hope is blown away
It fades from day to day

The birds gracefully glide in the sky
Together they land and then they fly
It was me and my friends through thick and thin
It seems it’s just me left here in the dim

It is a beautiful day
I should be merry and gay
I hope the clouds would pour rain
It matches more to this pain.

This post was submitted by madeline.

Category: Sad Poems
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