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Wagging of leaves
Cool breeze approaching
By the sweetest wind.

Blue-clear Sky,
With sunlight gorgeous shines,
Striking the brown-toned-skin.

Snow melts on top of the mountains,
cause by the extreme.
Little organisms grows,
expressing their beauty of existence.

with according match of colorful sunglasses,shirts and bags
are the best trendy season-garbs.

Iced coffee and tea are the beverages for the thristy,
Wine for the intimacy and
Beer, to the hanging-out humane.

O Summer, O Summer,
have little time for us
In the few days to come,
You ganna be cold and silent.

Summer, we will miss you,
You brings life into our hearts.
Showing to us,the beauty and your purpose.

Summer… Summer…

This post was submitted by markdolorosa.

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