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Teddy bear teddy bear
Can I lean on you?
I’m hurt and confused,
Tell me what to do.
Its been a long time since I confided in you.
In my advancing age,
I though I no longer needed you,
So I put you away,
Stuffed you in a corner,
And tried to go on with my life,
Which got harder.
You sat in a corner,
For years on end.
You watched my heart break then mend.
You used to comfort me when ever I needed it.
When I was angry you took the hit.
But my problems are bigger now,
And your all worn down.
I no longer smile,
My lips were a constant frown.
So teddy bear, teddy bear,
Can I lean I on you?
Work your magic,
And tell me what to do.

This post was submitted by johnny walker.

Category: Sad Poems
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