Thank You, I Hate You, I’m Sorry

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Thank You –
For showing me what I really deserved; Which wasn’t you .
For telling me how much you loved me all the time, even if you were lying .
For showing me what people in this world are capable of doing to me .
For giving me a little bit of joy in my life .
For being there for me… in the beginning .

I Hate You –
For letting this go on for so long .
For making me love you .
For taking me away from people who would’ve actually loved me .
For wanting her more .
For getting my hopes up, then letting me down . Again . And again .
For telling me the same things you told all of them… and the same things you will tell her .

I’m Sorry –
For letting you know how i feel .
For anything i ever did to hurt you .
For not acknowledging any of the good things you did for me .
For hating you .
For loving you .
For praying that things won’t work out with you two .
For knowing all along that what happened to us wasn’t all your fault .
For letting our friendship go after all this time .

This post was submitted by Bree Carrington.

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