The Bottle I Love

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He looks at the bottle, and opens it up wide.
Here’s to you my friend, until the day we die.
I made a promise to stay away.
But how can I, I miss you night and day.
I love you so no words can describe.
I gave up my family to you that’s no surprise.

You ruined my life with every sip I took.
I couldn’t help it I was just so hooked.
Together we made one hell of a team.
Ruining life’s hopes and dreams.
You pick me up when I feel down.
I couldn’t help but fall around.

My family is gone and no one cares.
The promises I made echoes through the air.
Oh why did I not stay away?
The bottle I love drove my family away.

So if I die please don’t cry.
The life with a bottle is you live or die.
My bottle will stay here by my side.
So here’s to you my family I choose to die.
With nothing left all I can say is,
Wasn’t it a crying shame.
That the bottle was not the one to be blamed.

This post was submitted by Lizle.

Category: Sad Poems
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