The End…

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Why do I feel pain like this,
Never ending path with the bliss,
Chasing after all the stars up above,
Trying to prove that this is love.

All my doubts are clouding overhead,
Makes my lifeless heart dread,
The meeting of the two souls,
Like a child playing with her dolls.

No promises, no lies,
But always he will deny,
Immortality bids farewell,
As this moment is lost, I can tell.

Maybe I will wait in hope,
But without you, how will I cope,
For I am addicted with lust,
Please come to me soon, you must.

Our trail has reached its limit,
And I have felt no real benefit,
For this was all a true waste,
As our time, we will never taste.

Still wishing for our time in the stars,
I’d stay with you forever, chasing by the cars …

This post was submitted by Kelly Allchin.

Category: Break Up Poems
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