The Girl That loved me not

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I always loved you from the start
i could never bear to be apart
all the memories we had all the things we said
but now those feelings are gone and now those times are dead
you were the one for me i thought
until you told me you loved me not
i slowly watched you walk away
i sat there left in disaray
but you will always have that number one spot
of the girl i loved that loved me not
we grew up together the best of buds
laughing and crying giving hugs
im sorry i cant be good enough for you
you ve moved on, for some one new
i will always love u so dont forget
that young Mexican boy with no regrets
we had our times, they didnt last
too bad we grew up way too fast
so now i try to say good bye
to the one that cant be mine
to the girl i never got
to the girl that loved me not….

This post was submitted by smip.

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