The Girl Who Lives in Pain

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The hurt seeps through the crack in my heart.
I don’t know who I really am.
If I tell someone, i wouldn’t know where to start,
Because i don’t think i really can.

The gossip, the drama, the tragedies, the lies,
Picking the wrong people sure was a bad mistake.
What do you see when you look deep down into this girl’s sad eyes?
You should see a girl that doesn’t know how much
she can take.

This is a cry for help,
A plea for support.
This pain just hurts, i want to yelp.
What do i do? Abort?

The hurt just takes over my body,
Like drugs injected into my veins.
I don’t want to be seen by everybody,
As the girl who lives in pain.

This post was submitted by Cassie New.

Category: Sad Poems
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