The Greatest Pet Of Mine!

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Okay, well here’s my story
It may seem kind of boring
But when I was turning three
I got my first pet, you see
It was a boy named Tiger
He had grey, white and black fur
He was the greatest cat ever
I know I’ll love him forever
I’ve had him for twelve years
I’ve got to hold back my tears
It don’t seem sad to you, of course
Think like if you had a pet horse
Over holidays you shared and birthdays too
They are one of the things you don’t want to lose
You live with them long enough
Good times to the rough
They became part of your family long ago
You taught them everything they know
I wasn’t even there to say goodbye
I wish we would have more years before he died
It’s like losing a family member
He died 2011, the 12th of November
I wish I would have had just two more years
Before the day I regret came here
I wish I could turn back time
Tell him that he was the greatest pet of mine!
I really don’t want to cry
But why did he have to die?

This post was submitted by Summer.

Category: Pet Poems
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