The Guy, My Love

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Thought you were someone’s,
When I first saw you,
Did not put too much hope on you,
Till the day,
When out of the blue,
You came and approach me,
Feeling happy and amaze,
It started to grow in me,
Day by day,

I do really miss you,
Every second , minute, and hour,
Starring at the clock,
Moving tick-tock tick-tock,
Hoping it will be faster,
But not when I’m with you,
Treasuring all the moments.

I know,
The difficulities for us to meet,
Yet I hope,
That I will have a chance,
To tell you,
How much I LOVE YOU,
And that I need you,
To be in my LIFE forever and ever.

dedicated to CJ by Esther.T

This post was submitted by esther teh.

Category: Love Poems
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