The Last Goodbye

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The city was in danger, he was told
Outside it was dark at night and cold
A soldier he was, now on duty
Some merciless people had attacked the beauty
He gave no second thought and hurried his way to the scene
It was terrifying than it could have ever been
Love for the country it was, that made him so brave and bold
He could see the river of blood flowing on the streets of gold
A vast destruction had been planned and was being tried
Only sounds of explosions and bullets could be heard from inside
A lot were injured and a lot were killed
It was his turn now, time to hit back, he was so thrilled
But an evil bullet found its way and pierced right into his heart
This was his glorious end, his life’s last part
Memories of dear and loved ones in his eyes
Still happily died for he had done it to save many lives
He came out as a legend, he had gifted his life
A daughter so innocent and a startled wife
A mother wailing so loud
And a father so proud
It’s not just a heavy box covered with The National Flag that they are carrying
It’s the weight and pain of separation
For a hero who could not say the last goodbye.

This post was submitted by Nabil Bhatiya.

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