The Love of a Stalker

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Blood courses through my veins
each time I see your face
The world around me disappears
And I lose my sense of grace

My breath catches in my throat
My stomach ties in knots
Your smile makes my heartbeat skip
And later haunts my thoughts

The images carved in my mind
Are wild to say the least
And when I catch you, soon, you’ll see
The thrill will be increased

I’ll drive you crazy, just the way
That you have driving me
And maybe after that is done
You’ll finally set me free

Cause I don’t like they way you’ve got
Me crippled by your eyes
How in my dreams you’ve captured me
In silent screams and sighs

Don’t worry though, my love, because
We will fulfill my dreams
I guess this goes to show you
Love is never what it seems…

This post was submitted by Sally B.

Category: Love Poems
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