The Reality of Love

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I was overwhelmed by the reality of it all.
His raspy voice yelling at me in such a way, I’ve never heard before
The intimidation of him was gone.
I was just as irate as he was.
I couldn’t believe that after all we have been through it ends like this
I was frivolous to him and he let me know it.
I crooned myself trying to find a way out of the pain.
But all I found was complete desolation.
I clenched my heart to try to find a way out of this massive black hole.
But the hole just grew larger day after day
I found myself in my room often, just sitting there idly.
My world was becoming iridescent,
colors changing from light shades of reds
and oranges to dark purples and blacks.
All I wanted was him ample amount of love.
Something that I will never have.

This post was submitted by Allie.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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