The Unforgettable

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The stars, high up in the sky,
Form a name I can’t deny.
This person was a part of me,
And was from my close family.

Many mistakes he had done,
Afterwards, thinking he won,
He lost everything he had
And couldn’t pretend being sad.

Going away, leaving things down:
As a king throwing his crown
Which was the jewel of his life…
Leaving behind him only strife.

Now all I can do is sigh
Because vengeance I cannot try.
My memories, wild as the sea,
Closed up. They can never be free…

You can I never, ever forget,
From my first breath we met.
How can you do this to me, to us?
So… Is it true… Life is but a fuss?

This post was submitted by Mervet.

Category: Father Poems
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One Response

  • breanna says:

    I love this poem to death , I am so excited that you put this up here because this is how I feel ! I love my father with everything he’s my moon, and sun thank you !



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