The Way, the Truth, and Life

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Quick to accuse Him of rugged blasphemy
They never opened their hearts therefore to see
That the Man with knowledge everlasting
Could lead us away from death by contrasting
His life as the gift for salvation eternally.

They plotted to take His earthly life at time
Appointed upon Garden’s witness in decline
Of man and proposed to destroy His Name
From lips of all believers who proclaim
That Jesus, Son of God, is divine.

He called Himself Messiah per prophecies told
By Isaiah and then John crying earnestly bold.
His death and resurrection gave this world a course
of Truth told by witnesses known by history resource
That whosoever will may escape the reaper’s hold.

Christians choose by heart, never by force of sword
To follow under grace a lighted narrow path toward
Unity unto the Father amidst chaos
In awe that Jesus suffered for us upon a cross.
The Way, the Truth, and Life: Jesus, our Lord.

This post was submitted by Kara L. Kraemer.

Category: Christian Poems
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