The Way Things are

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You were everything i thought i knew
the words “i love you” hadn’t seemed more true
we grew apart with dreams to fulfill
and now in the end it all went downhill.

With all the things we went through im surprised we wanted to stay
but like the edges of an old tattered cloth our love began to fray
our standards for each other were unrealistically too high
and now we both sit here continuously asking why

We were meant to be, or so we thought at the time
and you always told me “you’ll always be mine”
if only things went the way you had proposed
the beauty would have been that of an undying rose

Now im apologizing for all the hurt that has risen
but these feelings i have have the need to be driven
dont worry about the future because there will be a day
when someone perfect for you will take your breath away

And as for me, i will be okay.
i have realized thats the one thing i could never say
now being alone i can reach for the sky
the stars my heart wishes upon are much more than high

Things will only get better for you and i
am here is the answer to your question why…
im still young with a passion for fun
so no, not now, i cant be “the one”.

This post was submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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