The Wind

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I feel the touch of the cool wind on my skin
My hair waves as it blown by the wind
It follows my heart as it may seem
And it’s like coming from the distance where you’ve been.

As the wind blows, it takes the pain away
That this heart is carrying from day by day
When I walk, the wind is still my coming through my way
It is like telling me to come and play.

It is you the wind that I feel
Having you here is like for real
Even though between us is distance
Someday there’ll be a chance to have you in a glance.

I hope and pray, your promise won’t be broken
Your words for me will never be forgotten
I’ll be keeping you in my heart with a seal
As long as the wind goes blowing still.

So if the wind could stay for a life time
Then every poem to be written will still be in rhyme
But if this wind would stop and couldn’t stay
I’d rather be taken by the wind as it goes away.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

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