The words of I, A Poet

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The words of I, A Poet

The time is so slow
Yes, the leafs takes ages to fall
As the sweet words are said
It’s I, A poet

It’s when I get so emotional
I get those words
From my heart it shouts
So loud, to be wrote

It’s too beautiful to be wrote
So sweet to be caught
That’s the words of a true poet

As the clocks tick’s a tick
And my heart beats a beat
I say, I am a poet

The tears that my eyes make
Will be remembered
As the words of today

No sweetness on earth
Will be both
The beauty of it words
And the effect it does

As I write those words
My heart will be a good listener of yours
And heal the pain that once was in your words

As much as emotional it gets
It’s never too late
For me to take away the pain
Perhaps, I will enjoy the pain

No, I am not insane
My words indeed, overcomes my brain
It drew all the smiles on my face.

This post was submitted by Tariq Suhail.

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One Response

  • aliyah aboo says:

    This poem is written exceptionally well. My bf and I really enjoyed it. Excellent poem! Hope u write more! 🙂



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